Dental assistance for YBA and UBA students
from Ethiopian families

The prevalence of poor dental health among many Ethiopian immigrant families has been well-documented. The issues are primarily attributed to a lack of proper oral hygiene during early childhood years, coupled with the sudden introduction of new western foods to their diets. Exacerbating matters is that many of these families live below the poverty line, and are therefore unable to afford regular dental care.

The impact of these dental challenges extends far beyond physical pain and discomfort, as poor smiles are often highly detrimental to self-esteem and societal integration as well.

While dental health is generally beyond the purview of most schools’ concerns, Yeshivot Bnei Akiva recognizes that these students’ severe dental issues can substantially impede success and their ability to thrive in the classroom and beyond.

Currently, Or Me’ophir is the only program -
that offers dental services to its students.

This ensures that our students are physically comfortable with their teeth and just as importantly emotionally confident to smile with pride.

Or Me’ophir is a yeshiva-based program for Jewish post-high school young men of Ethiopian origin. It prepares them to excel in the IDF, fosters educational and spiritual leadership, and teaches them a profession so that they can break out of the poverty cycle in which so many are trapped. Or Me’ophir trains and prepares its students, in all respects, to fully integrate and contribute to Israeli society.

The most common dental treatments needed are cavity fillings, root canals, crowns, and some cosmetic work. These treatments take place at the dental clinic of Dr Tzvi Winter in Merkaz Shapiro, not far from the boys’ Beit Midrash and dormitories. On average, the life-changing, confidence-boosting dental treatments that Or Me’ophir provides cost $2,500 per student, which is an enormous financial burden for already financially-strapped immigrant families. At Or Me’ophir however, the students pay just 10% of the bill themselves, and we seek donations to fund the rest.

Beyond Or Me’ophir’s 100 students, Yeshivot Bnei Akiva has 367 students from Ethiopian families learning in 15 of our other Yeshivot and Ulpanot across Israel, where they are fully integrated into their respective schools, many of whom are in desperate need of dental assistance as well.

To fund this essential program, we aim to raise $75,000 annually, which allows us to provide 30 students each year not only with proper oral health but also the confidence to smile with pride.

Your partnership and generous contributions can help us achieve this life-altering goal!

For more information please be contact
Yehuda Kohn, AFYBA executive director: [email protected]

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